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Your Story is Unique - New books are on the horizon! Storytelling can be a healing process. Reading the true stories of others is often an inspiring experience. Life Moves® seeks interviews with people who have experienced one of the following circumstances:
  • Adult Children grow up and leave the family and sometimes make choices that surprise and distress their parents. The empty nest syndrome is sometimes difficult and lonely. These young adults starting off to college or stepping into their first job may have made unwise choices. Family ties may become strained and yet, usually, the family makes amends. We are looking for stories from both perspectives – that of the adult child and their parent(s).
  • Recently divorced people (within the past two years) tell their story from their two viewpoints - that of the person leaving the marriage and that of the one left behind. What were the initial coping strategies and what are their lives like today?
  • Some military families move every year or so and are never quite connected to a place they called “home” for long. This kind of childhood experience has shaped them in different ways. We want to hear what life was like growing up in new places, whether in the United States or abroad. Political perspectives and cultural experiences will be explored.
  • During my early nursing years teaching at a Birthing Center in a CT hospital, I witnessed a divine intervention during the birth of an under-developed  baby that was too young to survive. What I saw changed my life forever. Life Moves, LLC is looking for medical personnel; nurses, doctors, therapists and ancillary professionals, who have experienced a life altering event while working with their patient.  Amazing accounts that have never been told before will comprise this special collection – it’s time to hear your stories.
In order to participate in any of these upcoming books, please e-mail karen@lifemoves.com with a brief description of your story (a maximum of three short paragraphs) and she will get in touch with you.

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