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Your Moving Manager - At some point, everyone is confronted with a lifetime of accumulated items and the prospect of leaving familiar surroundings. Downsizing a home - deciding what to keep, what to give away, what to sell and what to toss - can be a daunting physical task and one in which many emotions rise to the surface. Karen has helped many people meet these challenges successfully. She has guided them through the change to a new, more practical and enjoyable living environment.

When you or a family member is moving to a smaller home, you can call on Karen for help with the downsizing process. Together we can develop a plan specially suited to your needs. Karen and her team of qualified specialists can take care of the many jobs involved in your move. The staff is also sensitive to the possible anxiety, sadness, and excitement clients may feel during this time. We can save you energy and provide emotional support while accomplishing your tasks. Among the services offered by Life Moves, LLC are:
  • Assist you in deciding what furnishings will fit into your new space
  • Advise you on the placement of your furniture in your new home
  • Facilitate picking up the items given to family members and close friend
  • De-clutter and remove unwanted items
  • Organize, price, and sell the furniture that you no longer need
  • Arrange for donations
  • Assist you in the packing process
  • Drop-off personal and financial papers to be shredded
  • Arrange for emptying and final cleaning of your home
  • Set up your new bedroom, bathroom and other areas to help you settle into your new place

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