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Motivationally Speaking - Karen has extensive experience speaking in a wide range of settings: professional organizations, corporations, community organizations, active adult communities, assisted living centers and retreat and religious centers. Presentations are 1 to 2 hours, including plenty of time for questions. Please e-mail karen@lifemoves.com for more information on scheduling a speaking engagement for your company or group.

Energizing! That is the result of changing your lifestyle to a simpler and more appropriate one. Karenís talk "Lightening Up and Letting Go" will help prepare you for leaving your long-time family home. The prospect of sorting through a lifetime of accumulation can hold you back from thinking about moving. It is very important that you capture family memories and celebrate them. From her experience with clients, she shares the rich stories of others whose success will inspire you. You will learn how to organize your move with practical tips so that your move will be a smooth and satisfying one.

"Home Downsizing - Solutions for Your Employees" is designed to assist employees who are facing a life move for themselves or family members -- a growing social phenomenon. Human Resource Departments can host this seminar to reap benefits for the company. Karen gives practical information and solutions to typical problems which will help employees experience reduced stress and maintain their work focus. Unplanned absenteeism can be reduced by helping them respond effectively to a family crisis. During this session, Karen provides resources, tips and techniques to cope with the emotional impact of this transition. Your employees will feel less guilty about being at work because they have gained control over the situation which will make them more productive.

In ďTreasure or Not - The Difference MattersĒ, audiences are often very interested in the value of their leftover antiques, collectibles and gently used furnishings. For over 20 years, Karenís fascination, experience, and knowledge in this field have continued to grow through her own acquisitions and profitable estate sales. In this presentation Karen will discuss the criteria in establishing value. It is important not to have the family rent a dumpster and dispose of personal possessions without expert advice. You can lose money and history if you donít know what you are doing.

Aging gracefully Ė Nurse Home Health Care Advocacy, many adult children of the Baby Boomer Generation are worried about their older parentsí health. At some point, most seniors will develop heart disease, diabetes, arthritis, cancer, and/or other conditions hindering them from being independent, safe and as active as they used to be. The decrease in sight, hearing, mobility and balance can creep up on us slowly or quickly.  How can busy baby boomers who sometimes live distances away, feel confident about their parents well being?

Karen will review the normal physiological changes that occur as we age, home safety considerations and gaps in understanding conditions, as well as, following through with health care instructions. The importance of the coordination of services with a Nurse Home Health Care Advocate can offer solutions to help you feel assured that your parents are getting the appropriate care.

Karen will illustrate these points through stories of her own experience with clients she has served. She will describe how to set up a health care notebook that can guide and provide invaluable information.

Professional Affiliations (past and present):

  • Registered Nurse (R.N.), State of Connecticut
  • Nursing Service Organization
  • National Association of Senior Move Managers
  • National Association of Professional Organizers
  • Metro Hartford Alliance, Connecticut
  • West Hartford Chamber of Commerce, West Hartford, Connecticut

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