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Liquidating an Estate - Karen has a reliable staff skilled in appraising, organizing, and selling your furnishings. Our appraisers use their education, professional training, or experience to determine the value of an item.

There are at least three ways to sell your leftover items - an estate sale, auction or tag sale. The choice depends on your circumstance, the time of year, your location and the total value of your estate. We believe everyone's situation is unique and requires professional advice. To contact Karen, you can e-mail her at karen@lifemoves.com or you can call her at (860)-716-7751 in Hartford, Connecticut.
What is an Estate Sale? - An estate sale is an indoor public sale of the entire leftover contents of a house including antiques and collectibles, gently used furnishings and household goods. The work involved in sorting, de-cluttering, pricing, cleaning, setting up, advertising, and selling is done by our professionals. As experts in the field, we usually find "forgotten treasures" that can bring in more value. We have more control over pricing for each item than in an auction. Our team can leave your house empty and in "broom clean" condition after the sale. We charge the typical fee of between 25% - 50% of the total sales, depending upon the amount of sorting, appraising, researching, cleaning and the number of workers needed. Hundreds of potential buyers will be viewing the sale items, and Karenís team manages the safe flow of people through the home.
What is an Auction? - Karen can refer you to a reputable auction house. An auction is a way of selling the entire leftover contents of a home off-site. This is a simpler and more private process. The auction house may offer a buyout price, which may or may not include emptying the entire house of items. Alternatively, only selective pieces may be auctioned for a percentage, which is usually at a 20%-35% rate of the sales price. In an auction, the auctioneer has little control over the final selling price of the item, unless a minimum reserved price was decided ahead of time. Many small and sometimes valuable items may be sold as a group, which can reduce the value received for the item.
What is an Tag Sale? - A tag sale is the sale of a variety of items that are displayed in a garage, porch area, or outside on the lawn. Lesser valued household items and furnishings such as newer furnishings (after 1970's) and ordinary household items, clothing, books, small appliances and bric-a-brac are included in the sale. Antiques and collectibles should be evaluated separately for "fair market price" and are often sold in other ways. Usually the value of a tag sale totals under $2,000 and the work of advertising, setting up and selling is done by the family.


A Valuable Tip

When you have an antique or collectible, the more information you can show an expert, the more accurate the determination of its worth can be. Writing down the history of a piece can add value to it, especially if it's been in the family a long time and the information is accurate. Save any journals, photos, receipts, letters, and newspaper clips that you may come across relating to your special items. Please do not remove or wash any paper labels sometimes found on the underside of a piece. These labels usually give valuable information as to where the piece was made, or who made it.

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