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The Move Management Plan is designed to meet your individual needs. During approximately a 1 ˝ hour-long session in the home, Karen reviews your situation, your goals and your timeframe. She completes an overall inventory of your possessions, from attic to basement, including garages and out buildings. This starts the process of preparing your home for the real estate market. You may begin to think about deciding what to keep, what to sell, what to donate and what to dispose of. Preserving family history - capturing the stories of your loved ones - is a healing part of sorting through personal possessions, a process that you will be undertaking. This consultation helps remove the anxiety of how to tackle a life-time of accumulation by outlining step-by-step what needs to be done, in a written plan. Please refer to the Moving Manager page of this website to see what services Life Moves, LLC offers to further meet your moving needs.

Are your staff losing work time
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Making Your Home Aging-Friendly – Most people do not want to think about the physical changes that occur as part of the aging process. However, at some point you will have to consider putting safety and ease of living in your home at the top of your agenda. During your consultation, Karen will discuss the universal design elements that can help you live longer in your present home. One consideration is whether your house is amenable to conversion to single-level living. Another possible decision is how to build an addition to accommodate an aging relative.

As a nurse educator, Karen taught nursing students how it feels to lose your eyesight, hearing, speaking, memory, and mobility or sense of balance. Faced with the prospect of losing her own mobility, Karen designed a complete renovation of her own home, with handicapped accessible features, to meet her changing needs.

Hartford Courant journalist, Cheryl Crabb, interviewed Karen for an article printed in the          March 1st, 2007 edition. See Nurse Adjusts To Aging for the full interview.

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The Nursing Care Plan - In the Hartford, CT area, Karen provides in-home nursing services: physical assessment, medication review and administration, wound care, pre- and post-op care, teaching, monitoring, and a review of home safety. She or an associate R.N. can escort clients to doctor’s appointments and medical procedures, during which time they ask questions, take notes and provide advocacy, followed up by liaison to families.
How to Start Up Your Own Moving Management Business – Many people in the rapidly growing 50-and-over population are selling their homes in favor of smaller houses, condos, retirement communities, or continuing care facilities. This is a perfect time to start up your own moving management business to meet the relocation needs of this market. Karen reviews with you the details involved in building a business in this industry - the costs, the resources, allied professionals and the services that are needed. The challenges of working with older people who are going through an emotional time takes a special attitude and patience in order to be successful.

Karen is featured in Startup Your Own Senior Services Business, Entrepreneur Magazine's Step by Step  Guide to Success, Entrepreneur Press, Jacquelyn Lynn and Charlene Davis, Chapter 5 Relocation Service, June 2006 – available on Amazon.

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